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Another Smart Choice For Infrared Heaters


Green Technology ProductsBioSmart Solutions specializes in air purification and infrared heating technologies. Headquartered in Yelm, Washington, BioSmart Technologies continues to advance technology in efficient heating. BioSmart Technologies has developed earth-friendly, green technology products that benefit mankind and the environment.

BioSmart Technologies' full line of BioSmart® and CZ Infrared™ quartz and ceramic far infrared heaters for commercial and residential applications is helping thousands worldwide meet the challenges of heating their living and work spaces comfortably without paying exorbitant prices for fuel.

Biosmart focuses on giving customers advanced clean technologies, while keeping up with today’s ever-changing energy demand. BioSmarts technologies is designed to save you up to 50% off you heating bill while producing clean heat, without having negative effects on the environment.

3 Year WarrantyBioSmart also carries one of the finest in-wall infrared heaters. BioSmart's therapeutic ceramic far infrared in-wall heating system is the most efficient and safest way to bring infrared heating into your home. Say good bye to central heating furnaces that waste energy, burn oxygen and dry up air. 

Like most Infrared Heaters, BioSmart offers extended multi-year warranty on parts and service for all infrared heaters, portable and in-wall units. If you are looking to save money on your energy bill this winter and want to stay green, then BioSmart is perfect for you!